The Ugliest Thing I’ve Ever Worn in Public

24 Nov

My first trip to Disney World was at age 3. I don’t remember a second of it, and my brother explained that I sat on the hotel toilet crying, because my mom wouldn’t take me until I was fully potty trained. Fast forward 26 years when I went to Disneyland for my 29th birthday. I dressed like Minnie Mouse, decorated a bday cake with Goofy, and waited 2 hours to ride Space Mountain. It was magical!!! I returned last week to see the magic of Disneyland at Christmas! (and to ride Space Mountain again)

*The magic of the Teacups*

When I pack for short trips, I somehow end up bringing the ugliest items. I try to plan out outfit by outfit, which means only one top matches one bottom and one dress matches one jacket. I get so excited about bringing my ‘most unique pieces,’ then I get on vacation and everything looks like a hot mess because I didn’t actually try the outfits on or think about the weather. I had a sweatshirt and jeans planned out for Friday’s adventure into Disney, but my loving boyfriend convinced me that my Mickey Mouse nightgown would be so much more fitting. Afterall, he was wearing his vintage Mickey shirt! No belt, heels, or necklace could save the ugliness of this moomoo pajama top I paraded around in for the day, but I didn’t care.


*This is the flattering angle*

The fashion level at Disneyland is the least judgmental crowd you’ll ever encounter. Princess dresses, mouse ear headbands, and white tennis shoes are totally normal, so no one looked twice at me for my poor choice. If anything, they were jealous of my extreme comfortableness.


*Who’s the REAL Princess here? Duh*

In conclusion, Space Mountain and Tower of Terror are still the best rides, the teacups make me laugh till I pee, and my boyfriend is always supportive of my fashion choices.


Mickey Mouse Pajama Top: Gift from a friend
Cowboy Boots: Vintage
Gold Chain: Urban Outfitters
Minnie Mouse Ears: Disneyland
Hello Kitty Sunglasses: Some cheapo shop in Redwood City


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