My DIY Butterfly Tulle Circle Skirt

27 Apr

I came across some AMAZING sheer fabric with pink, felt butterflies at Jo-Ann and really wanted to figure out a project for it. So…I combined my love with the new tulle circle skirt trend, and this fabric-VOILA!



There are a lot of great tutorials on How To Make a Tulle Circle Skirt, like this one that I used for this project.

You will need:

-A yard and a half of liner
-A few yards of tulle
-A yard and a half of top fabric if you’d like (like the butterly)
-Some elastic for the waist band

Next, you have to cut out a pattern. There a bunch of math on how you do this, and this site explains it well.


Next, you cut out 1 copy of your liner, 1 copy of your top fabric, and 3-5 copies of your tulle. Once they’re all cutout, lay them on top of each other, then sew them together.


Now measure your elastic around the smallest part of your waist and sew it together. Mark off spots on  your skirt and waistband with pins. Then pin the waistband to the skirt (there will be gathered parts of your material). Sew this all together by pulling on your elastic to match the amount of fabric you are sewing.


You’re complete and can twirl around in your new DIY Tulle Circle Skirt!

Or you can take it to the How Weird Festival in San Francisco




I paired my new skirt with:
Thrifted Express angora mock crop top
H&M “Aloha Beaches” flats
Tiffany bracelet and Forever 21 flower ring
Wildfox sunglasses


DIY Dead Kennedys Kimono

23 Apr

I keep clothes for a LONG time. Like…15 years or more. Ya never know when it will come back in style! Sometimes I keep scraps of fabric for just as long. Who knows what trend might pop up that perfectly fits with a scrap I have laying around?

Luckily I held onto this faded, ripped Dead Kennedys tee from 10 years ago. I cut the logo off the tee back then and always wondered how it could work on something.


And then the kimono trend started. I found a vintage Victoria’s Secret red, silk robe at a San Carlos thrift shop with sheer panels on the arms and down the front! I sewed that baby on the back and wore it to work, where my boss described me as “Karate Kid meets….hip, cool gal”



To do this: just cut out a logo, pin it to a piece of clothing, then hand or machine sew around the outline of the fabric. You want to sew the whole outline so it stays flat.
I matched it with a plain dress, but this necklace brings life to the front of the outfit. It’s an amazing lazer-cut plastic piece from jewelry designer, Marina Fini.




She has an amazing collection of emojis, pentagrams, flowers, neon aliens, and other rad stuff. Plus, her lookbooks are ridic!

Dead Kennedys Robe: DIY
Black Dress: Urban Outfitters
Cowboy boots: Vintage
Mouse Pointer Necklace: Marina Fini
Bracelets: Forever 21

Sponsor Spotlight: 10th St. Tattoo

5 Feb

The Steelers logo, Primanti Sandwiches, a keystone: all quintessential Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania tattoos that you see on the regular. So you may as well get them done right, amiright!? I’m super stoked to be working with 10 St. Tattoo for the Pudding Wrestling Massacre this year. I’m a South Side girl, and love to know that kids can come to the SS area and trust that because they walk into a shop, they’re going to a quality piece of artwork (over a cheap piece just because someone’s available RIGHT NOW to pierce your belly button.)

10th St. Tattoo took the spot on the corner of E Carson St. and 11th St in the South Side and has a beautiful shop. They are open 7 days a week and are the ONLY shop to stay open till 2am on Friday and Saturday. Can you say late night crew tattoos anyone?? They also do piercings. To narrow down their passion, the artists specialize in American Traditional, but can obviously accomplish pretty much anything you bring to em.

Peep these beauties by owner, Mike Mook:

Screenshot_2013-09-02-07-47-57-1Screenshot_2014-02-03-16-00-40-1 (1)


And by shop artist Susie Humphrey:


They’ll have a table set up at the Pudding Wrestling Massacre. Ask em questions about how much one of their tattoos hurt, or what the meaning behind them are, people love that stuff! *ahem* For real though, you can look through their portfolios and book appointments right on the spot! They might even be willing to do some hand-drawn Sharpie tats on you for the night. Do you think they can convince anyone to get this done?


They’ll be offering up discounted gift certificates to everyone at the event, so cash in on this!! There’s also a raffle for a $100 gift card: now you can get that dolphin jumping through a rainbow over a peanut butter jelly sandwich with kanji writing in the background that you’ve always dreamed of.


Sponsor Spotlight: MUV Fitness

4 Feb

Pudding Wrestling girls are TOUGH! Have you ever met one? They’re fearless, hilarious, and straight up BADASS. And this year, they’re all learning some special moves from MÜV Integrated! MUV is a boutique gymnasium that offers scientifically based instruction in physical culture through private fitness consultation and specially designed small group classes. Does that make sense? No? Picture it: not your typical chain-store gym with elliptical machines and Zumba classes that sell sugary Power-Ade out of a vending machine.

MÜV Integrated’s programs are scientifically designed to re-align the body with progressive range of motion concepts that re-educate the muscles to be orchestrated by the brain efficiently. You  learn how to move in multiple directions, speeds, and utilize progressive resistance training concepts to build balance, strength, endurance, flexibility, speed, and power. Instead of the newest fad workout routine, they specialize in old school movement science, in which different tools are utilized to challenge participants at their highest potential. Who knew using  tools such as speed ladders, suspension systems, indian clubs, sandbags and kettlebells were for working out instead of just sexual fun?

We did say Old School

Here’s the kicker: MUV Integrated is THE trainer for the Steel City Roller Derby team. In case you didn’t know, roller girls are tough as nails, and I’m scared of them. MUV will be training this year’s wrestlers with the same intensity and know-how that they use to get SCRD in shape. Get ready to see one tough and messy event, yinz!

Visit MUV’s page for info on class times, instructors and workout descriptions.


4 Feb

Are yinz broke? Tryin to take a lady on a really awesome first date? Just wanna feel special? We got yinz. You have 2 days to WIN 2 tickets to the Pudding Wrestling Massacre. And it’s super easy:

1) Go to the Facebook event page

2) Post your favorite memory of a Pudding Wrestling Massacre OR a night out with Fireball. Just tag #pwm14 and #fireball in the post.

Contest ends Wednesday night at midnight. Let’s hear what you’ve got!


Sponsor Spotlight: Boots Printing

1 Feb

Pittsburgh has a plethora of amazing artists and tshirt designsers. And good sports teams, of course. But by far, my favorite artist to work with is Matt Gondek. He has designed a Pudding Wrestling t-shirt for the last 3 years, and came up with a rad design for the 4th year in a row. With the plethora of tshirt companies, there are only a few hard-working, good quality print shops who get the job done. My favorite to work with is Boots Printing. Boots Printing is always done on time with quality work at an affordable price. The tri-fecta for return business! But what makes this company stand out is the owner, Joe Boots.

The heart behind any local business is the owner. Joe hits the streets consistently with a positive attitude, respect, and new products. In fact, he’s droppin the new WRK’n Class 2014 line TOMORROW night at The New Bohemian in Pittsburgh. Expect lots of beanies and tees and sweatshirts. Best of all: it’s a 100% American made and printed by a veteran himself, Joe Boots. Check this sneak peak at a few designs:





*pics by Rob Short*

Flashback to 2012′s Pudding Wrestling Massacre and yours truly supporting WRK!


Boots Printing is doing a PRE-ORDER sale of the Matt Gondek 2014 Pudding Wrestling tees here. We opted for a jersey look this time with the Pudding graphic on the front of a 3/4 lenght baseball tee and the name PUDDIN on the back with 14. Be a real TRILL COSBY with this steez.


Check out what else Boots is selling in his store and contact him for your next order! He’ll be blazin glory at the event next Saturday night, so stop by and say HEY to him!



GRUDGE MATCH: The First Ever

28 Jan

There has been a total of 5 Pudding Wrestling Massacres in Pittsburgh. That’s a lot of tough ladies! For the first time ever, we are featuring a GRUDGE MATCH between 2012′s champion and 2013′s champion.

Imoana Pissglitter Amazonian Warrior

IMG_1166 Photo by Rob de la Cretaz


K Money Slam Honey

100 Photo by Sierra Mendoza



Pittsburgh Pudding Wrestling Massacre

23 Jan

6TH annual Pudding Wrestling Massacre

The time has come. 1 degree weather and piles of snow can’t slow us down. The Pittsburgh Pudding Wrestling Massacre returns for its 6th year on Saturday, February 8th at the Rex Theatre. Pittsburgh ladies will battle each other for the championship of 2014!

Referees Keebs and Ryah will make sure ladies are pinned for a count of 3. If no one is pinned, the panel of judges decide who takes the round
The celebrity judges will be announced soon. Remember Sharon NeedlesBill PedutoDJ Bonics?
The beautiful Bianca as official ring girl
CASH $$$ PRIZE for the winner pictures
Risers for excellent viewing
And lots and lots of vanilla pudding

To lube you up, Fireball is on special on night. Chase those shots with all the Pabst Blue Ribbon you can drink.


Tramp Stamp Showoff

19 Dec

I’m not sure why crop tops are popular right now, and I’m not entirely sure why I’m not hating on them either. I got this longsleeve cropped top for a Betsey Johnson jumper I scored at Crossroads, but once I paired it with a high waisted skirt-voila!! I look super skinny!! There’s a key to this, ladies: show off the tiniest part of your waist and no one is lookin elsewhere.


I went pretty minimal on accessories (unless you count the GINORMOUS DIAMOND BRACELET i insisted on wearing) which is a hard feat for me, but I wanted the black and white to speak for themselves.


You guys like how it’s also the perfect outfit to show off my tramp stamp and rib tattoos? Ya know, the kind you get when you’re still too scared to tell your parents that you got tattooed.


Crop Top: A’gaci or some cheapo store like it
High waisted skirt: Vintage from a shop in Portland
Spiked flats: Steve Madden
Gaudy diamond bracelet: Santee Alley


The Ugliest Thing I’ve Ever Worn in Public

24 Nov

My first trip to Disney World was at age 3. I don’t remember a second of it, and my brother explained that I sat on the hotel toilet crying, because my mom wouldn’t take me until I was fully potty trained. Fast forward 26 years when I went to Disneyland for my 29th birthday. I dressed like Minnie Mouse, decorated a bday cake with Goofy, and waited 2 hours to ride Space Mountain. It was magical!!! I returned last week to see the magic of Disneyland at Christmas! (and to ride Space Mountain again)

*The magic of the Teacups*

When I pack for short trips, I somehow end up bringing the ugliest items. I try to plan out outfit by outfit, which means only one top matches one bottom and one dress matches one jacket. I get so excited about bringing my ‘most unique pieces,’ then I get on vacation and everything looks like a hot mess because I didn’t actually try the outfits on or think about the weather. I had a sweatshirt and jeans planned out for Friday’s adventure into Disney, but my loving boyfriend convinced me that my Mickey Mouse nightgown would be so much more fitting. Afterall, he was wearing his vintage Mickey shirt! No belt, heels, or necklace could save the ugliness of this moomoo pajama top I paraded around in for the day, but I didn’t care.


*This is the flattering angle*

The fashion level at Disneyland is the least judgmental crowd you’ll ever encounter. Princess dresses, mouse ear headbands, and white tennis shoes are totally normal, so no one looked twice at me for my poor choice. If anything, they were jealous of my extreme comfortableness.


*Who’s the REAL Princess here? Duh*

In conclusion, Space Mountain and Tower of Terror are still the best rides, the teacups make me laugh till I pee, and my boyfriend is always supportive of my fashion choices.


Mickey Mouse Pajama Top: Gift from a friend
Cowboy Boots: Vintage
Gold Chain: Urban Outfitters
Minnie Mouse Ears: Disneyland
Hello Kitty Sunglasses: Some cheapo shop in Redwood City